I, for one, welcome our future Indian-Chinese lesbian cyborg president.


some of the outfit choices i made 3/4 years ago haunt me everyday



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look how fucking proud it is



the thing i love about Origins though is the introduction to characters like this master assassin is sent to kill you but cause he’s too shit at what he does for a living he ends up saving the world instead and thats pretty awesome imo


sometimes you go into a game for the first time knowing who you’re going to romance, who you’re going to like and who you’re never going to bring with you

and sometimes you even follow through with it

but then there are other times, the times that another character steals your breath, pulls the rug from under your feet without even trying

maybe it’s their voice, or their crooked smile, or the layers of pain-hardened armor they keep around their heart and the glimpses of softness you see little by little

those characters, the ones who surprise you - those are the ones who hold on tight. those are the best.

Zevran: So, it Lord Loghain?
Loghain: I am no longer a teyrn, nor even a knight. Address me without a title, as you would any other Grey Warden.
Zevran: So just Loghain, then.
Loghain: Correct. What's on your mind?
Zevran: You know who I am, yes? I was one of the Crows you hired to kill the Grey Wardens.
Loghain: I thought you looked familiar.
Zevran: Well, I just wanted to report that I failed my mission, Loghain.
Loghain: You don't say.
Zevran: I'm terribly broken up over it.
Loghain: Hmm. Well thank you kindly for informing me.


I’m so sick of Anglophiles and Japanophiles/Weaboos. You people don’t even know how British/Japanese cultures really work. They are not your fantasy land filled with charming men and sexy waifus.